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We pedal backwards.

You'll find us riding and drinking in Geelong. Undisputed cycling and drinking capital of the wider Geelong region.

You can check our next ride on the Backpedalers app.

But only if you're part of the inner sanctum.

(Well, it is our sanctum, so we can make whatever rules we like. That just happens to be one of them. There are at least 12 more.)

If you'd like to know more about us, you could try emailing THE RIDEMASTER. Please don't be disappointed if you don't hear from us. It's just how we are.

Life is too short for bad coffee
Suck it up, princess
Perky bottoms are so 1982
Flat white extra hot extra shot organic x 24
Shutup legs!
Time to get a new bike

"You may walk the enlightened path, but why would you do that when you can ride the shit out of it?"
— Buddha

Where to find us

See you at coffee

Geelong, VIC

The Ridemaster